Our manifesto

Published: 2021-01-13


Who goes to the milk bars? The answer is simple - everyone!

Unpretentious, cheap milk bars have survived and are still very popular. They are not ordinary diners anymore - they became meeting spots for people of every social status.

Our mission is to feed everyone who has the appetite for traditional flavors. We believe that eating out should not be a luxury and everyone should be able to enjoy the city's dining space.

Milk bars have had a social function since their inception in the interwar period and they have been controlled by the state.

This was to provide residents with the opportunity to eat out - regardless of their economic status.

We want to continue this tradition, embreace the diversity of our society, not exclude anyone. We dream about restoring the pleasure of eating out, for those who can not allow a lot of expenses. We are happy that so many people trust us.

Under the hashtag #wszyscyjemywbarzemlecznym we show our guests, their favorite dishes and stories. Join our movement and share your childhood flavors. Our mission is immutable, but the milk bars themselves have changed. Although they are always shrouded with a bit of nostalgia, their interiors and equipment remind everything but “Miś” movie atmosphere.

Fresh products from local farmers, modern kitchens, friendly, aesthetic spaces - there is no trace of the battered dishes chained to tables. In the milk bars, experienced chefs cook, who put their hearts and souls into their work.

Maybe dishes from the milk bar do not look so Instagrammable, but they taste great. The emotions when eating that homemade tomato soup, lazy dumpling with breadcrumbs or crispy pork chop are inimitable. Our childhood flavors connect us. Even though sometimes it seems that we differ in everything, it turns out that we have more in common than we thought. Let's open to others.

In the end #wszyscyjemywbarzemlecznym